Designing Public Spaces That Serve Users, Rather Than Egos

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In Sam Hall Kaplan’s blog posted on October 17, 2012, on Planetizen, Mr. Kaplan commented that Beyond Zuccotti Park is a “profound perspective to the import of public space.” He continued:

…the book’s essays survey the importance of public space as a forum for citizen expression granted by the US Constitution and how it has been compromised by the powers-that-be. At issue is no less than essence of democracy, so state Lance Jay Brown and Ron Shiffman, activist academics among the distinguished editors, in a forceful introduction.


The burgeoning parklets of Los Angeles and the vest-pocket Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan, and for that matter sprawling Tienanmen Square in Peking and Tahrir Square in Cairo, among others, may be separated by thousand of miles and vary in history and scale. But unquestionably they share a critical consciousness in the continuing debate over the future of the design and use of public space.


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