Saskia Sassen on the merits of an unfinished city

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Beyond Zuccotti Park contributor Saskia Sassen was recently featured in AsiaOne News, a press portal based out of Singapore. Her article addresses unfinished cities, specifically Singapore. Sassen writes about spaces that allow global intersections and how Singapore is a global city that produces and encourages these global intersections. Sassen describes global cities as

 one [city] which allows the world’s capitalists – bankers, brokers or businessmen – to tap the wealth of a country for profits which they can then use to further their ambitions globally.

However, these kinds of cities face the challenge to resist the urge to continue planning its city too comprehensively. Issues such as shifts in politics, immigration, and other urban problems have to been addressed as the city expands and grows at a rate that reflects that growth. Sassen then goes on to lay out some key rules for keeping a city resilient and global. Read the full article here.